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This blog is about my current model railroad layout project; The N scale "Summit" layout, which is a freelanced interpretation of the Southern Pacific Tehachapi tunnels and their surroundings. Or at least, that is what it is meant to be. What it will turn out to be is another matter. The banner photo above shows what I want to recreate in N scale.


MiscellaneousPosted by lennart Sat, March 03, 2012 20:39:29

The Summit layout has been dismantled. It was a fun and rewarding project, and I think I achieved my goals, but you can only go round-and-round for that many laps smiley

So it was time to start a new project, and since I do not have the space for multiple layouts the Summit had to yield.

The new project deserved a new blog - The Three Yards Yard blog - I'll hope you will join me there.


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Posted by Jeff Carr Wed, June 03, 2015 00:45:30

This is really great info. Recently, I finally built my own model railroad after many years of wanting to do it. Believe me, it's never too late to live your dream! Just don't lose faith and know that it will be worth it in the end, despite all the hard work.

I was lucky to find some great advice that helped me make my railroad very realistic and detailed, and keep things under budget. Here is one of the resources that helped me a lot:


Let me know if you all have other places where you learn about railroading.

Posted by Zach Fri, December 06, 2013 23:29:52

Bummer you had to tear it down...I remember when I moved several back in 2006 I had to saw iin half my HO logging route to get it out of my basement. A sad day that was :( Hopefully you have started a better layout?

BTW it is my first time here...love the blog, love the trains


Posted by a friend Wed, February 20, 2013 17:06:59

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Posted by Ron (Scale Modeler) Pare Sat, November 17, 2012 21:56:21

Its brave to tear it down and I expect the new RR to be better then this one. Find News, Reviews and Model Train Plans at ModelersGuild.