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This blog is about my current model railroad layout project; The N scale "Summit" layout, which is a freelanced interpretation of the Southern Pacific Tehachapi tunnels and their surroundings. Or at least, that is what it is meant to be. What it will turn out to be is another matter. The banner photo above shows what I want to recreate in N scale.

Turnout assembly

Track layingPosted by lennart Fri, March 13, 2009 20:39:00

I had more or less decided to not tire you with lengthy descriptions of the progress of my curved turnout assembly. But since nothing much else happens on the layout I decided to share this with you anyway.

It is important to lay the different track components in the correct order, so that the track spacing (gauge) can be maintained. If you do not think in advance you can easily end up in a situation where you cannot get the track in and at the same time keep the gauge.

I started by laying the outer stock rail for one of the spur turnouts. Actually it is one long piece of rail running for the complete length of the assembly. Once that rail was in place I built the frog for that turnout and fixed it in place, with the stock rail as reference. Here is a picture.

I then moved down to the cross-over where I built and installed one more frog. Once again the long outer rail served as reference to get the correct track gauge. In the picture below the frog is kept in place with pins while the glue sets.

In the mean time I assembled yet another frog, for the other turnout in the cross-over. I made it long enough to overlap the frog rails already in place. This to be able to ensure the correct gauge on the cross-over track. Here the next frog is sitting on the ties. There are no tie plates under it yet so it has not been glued down.

The last frog can, as the next step, be used as a reference when the inner long rail is laid. By working in this way, from top to bottom, I will be sure that everything will fit in the end.

Here is a link to larger versions of the above photos.

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