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This blog is about my current model railroad layout project; The N scale "Summit" layout, which is a freelanced interpretation of the Southern Pacific Tehachapi tunnels and their surroundings. Or at least, that is what it is meant to be. What it will turn out to be is another matter. The banner photo above shows what I want to recreate in N scale.

Benchwork Support

Benchwork and backdropPosted by lennart Mon, March 31, 2008 20:18:32

Today I started to mount the structure that will support the actual benchwork. I use a commercially available shelf system for this. It consists of steel studs that you screw to the walls, and steel brackets of various lengths that you easily attach to the studs, at virtually any height you choose. You normally attach several brackets to the same stud, and thus get several shelves above each other.

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I intend to let the benchwork rest on, and be screwed to, a set of such brackets. In addition I will mount shelfs below the benchwork. Those shelves will be for storage. I will also put a shelf above the benchwork which will serve two purposes; it will hold the track lighting and the valance, and it will at the same time be used as an ordinary storage shelf.

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