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This blog is about my current model railroad layout project; The N scale "Summit" layout, which is a freelanced interpretation of the Southern Pacific Tehachapi tunnels and their surroundings. Or at least, that is what it is meant to be. What it will turn out to be is another matter. The banner photo above shows what I want to recreate in N scale.

Soldered motor contacts

Electronics, signalsPosted by lennart Sun, January 23, 2011 20:20:01

I finally came about and soldered the decoder to motor contacts on the engine I mentioned in the previous post. And now that engine (SP 6700) runs fine. It currently loops the layout with a coal drag.

Apparently bad contact between the decoder and the motor can resukt in a strange behaviour. I still do not understand why it earlier seemd to run better when having warmed up. That should not have made the bad electrical contact any better. But perhaps the back-EMF logic got confused by a strange combination of intermittent contact and a higher physical resistance from a cold motor? Just a guess...

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